Hitman DJ 47 Turntable Slipmat

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Rave on!

Brace for the ultimate DJ in Club Hölle – none other than the enigmatic Agent 47! Keep those gritty dark techno beats pumping in Berlin's most favored underground club, just as you might remember from the heart-pounding Hitman World of Assassination mission 'Apex Predator.'

This sinful location, known for its allure, will imprint on your memory just like the climax of Europe's most intense light show. Feel the relentless Berlin beat coursing through your music as you infuse every mix with the raw, electrifying energy of a clandestine DJ.

Embrace the pulsating energy and get ready for the moment of truth. Your set will captivate the crowd, and the dramatic climax will be the drop that sends shivers down their spines… Literally speaking!  


  • The vivid pink Club Hölle logo rises from the shadows against an anthracite backdrop, a symbol of the dark and relentless beats that fuel your nights.

  • "Ich liebe Techno," boldly proclaims your devotion to the relentless rhythm, etched on the left side as a war cry to the night. This is German for “I love techno”.

  • On the right, a modified Hitman logo, seamlessly merging with Club Hölle's aesthetic, signals a deadly pursuit.

  • Crafted from the finest felt, this vinyl record slipmat ensures frictionless rotation, enhancing your music experience.

  • With performance beyond aesthetics, this slipmat dampens vibrations, quashes LP friction, and thwarts static buildup, preserving the raw, electrifying sound of techno. 


  • Material: Felt
  • Size: 12" in diameter, 2.7mm thick

Hitman DJ 47 Turntable Slipmat

$12.00 $15.00

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$12.00 $15.00