Shipping Policy


DPI Merchandising, Inc. chooses the most economical carrier and carrier method option at time of picking and packing your order. The carrier option chosen may be different than the one the customer chooses at time of checkout.

    • UPS World Wide Saver
      After fulfillment, UPS World Wise Saver transit time to most countries is 2-3 business days.
    • UPS World Wide Expedited
      After fulfillment, UPS Worldwide Expedited transit time to most countries is two to five business days.
    • ePost DDP
      After fulfillment, ePost transit times, to most countries, is seven to fourteen days.

          Countries We Ship To

          NOTE: Please review Shipping Notifications page for any temporary shipping suspensions or delays

          We appreciate our fans all over the globe. We currently are only able to offer shipping products to the following countries.

          Shipping Exceptions: Humankind products only ship to: Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan at this time,


          • Afghanistan
          • Azerbaijan
          • Bahrain
          • Bangladesh
          • Bhutan
          • British Indian Ocean Territories
          • Brunei
          • Cambodia
          • China
          • Christmas Island
          • Cocos (Keeling) Islands
          • Hong Kong SAR
          • India
          • Indonesia
          • Iraq
          • Israel
          • Japan
          • Jordan
          • Kazakhstan
          • Kuwait
          • Kyrgyzstan
          • Laos
          • Lebanon
          • Macao SAR
          • Malaysia
          • Maldives
          • Mongolia
          • Myanmar (Burma)
          • Nepal
          • Oman
          • Pakistan
          • Palestinian Territories
          • Philippines
          • Qatar
          • Russia
          • Saudia Arabia
          • Singapore
          • South Korea
          • Sri Lanka
          • Taiwan
          • Tajikistan
          • Thailand
          • Turkmenistan
          • United Arab Emirates
          • Uzbekistan
          • Viet Nam
          • Yemen


          • Aland Islands
          • Albania
          • Andorra
          • Armenia
          • Austria
          • Belarus
          • Belgium
          • Bosnia and Herzegovina
          • Bouvet Island
          • Bulgaria
          • Croatia
          • Cyprus
          • Czechia
          • Denmark
          • Estonia
          • Faroe Islands
          • Finland
          • France
          • Georgia
          • Germany
          • Gibraltar
          • Greece
          • Greenland
          • Guadeloupe
          • Guernsey
          • Hungary
          • Iceland
          • Ireland
          • Isle of Man
          • Italy
          • Jersey
          • Kosovo
          • Latvia
          • Liechtenstein
          • Lithuania
          • Luxembourg
          • Malta
          • Mayotte
          • Moldova
          • Monaco
          • Montenegro
          • Netherlands
          • North Macedonia
          • Norway
          • Poland
          • Portugal
          • Reunion
          • Romania
          • San Marino
          • Serbia
          • Slovakia
          • Slovenia
          • Spain
          • Svalbard & Jan Mayen
          • Sweden
          • Switzerland
          • Turkey
          • Ukraine
          • United Kingdom
          • Vatican City


          • Algeria
          • Angola
          • Benin
          • Botswana
          • Burkina Faso
          • Burundi
          • Cameroon
          • Cape Verde
          • Central African Republic
          • Chad
          • Comoros
          • Congo - Brazzaville
          • Congo - Kinshasa
          • Djibouti
          • Egypt
          • Equatorial Guinea
          • Eritrea
          • Ethiopia
          • Gabon
          • Gambia
          • Ghana
          • Guinea
          • Guinea - Bissau
          • Kenya
          • Lesotho
          • Liberia
          • Libya
          • Madagascar
          • Malawi
          • Mali
          • Mauritania
          • Mauritius
          • Morocco
          • Mozambique
          • Nambia
          • Niger
          • Nigeria
          • Rwanda
          • Sao Tome & Principe
          • Senegal
          • Seychelles
          • Sierra Leone
          • Somalia
          • South Africa
          • South Sudan
          • St. Helena
          • Sudan
          • Tanzania
          • Togo
          • Tristan da Cunha
          • Tunsiia
          • Uganda
          • Western Sahara
          • Zambia
          • Zimbabwe

          Central America

          • Anguilla
          • Antigua & Barbuda
          • Aruba
          • Bahamas
          • Barbados
          • Belize
          • Bermuda
          • British Virgin Islands
          • Cayman Islands
          • Costa Rica
          • Curacao
          • Dominica
          • Dominican Republic
          • El Salvador
          • Grenada
          • Guatemala
          • Haiti
          • Honduras
          • Jamaica
          • Martinique
          • Montserrat
          • Nicaragua
          • Panama
          • Sint Maarten
          • St. Barthelemy
          • St. Kits & Nevis
          • St. Lucia
          • St. Martin
          • St. Pierre & Miquelon
          • St. Vincent & Grenadines
          • Trinidad & Tobago
          • Turks & Caicos Islands
          • U.S. Outlying Islands

          North America

          • Canada
          • Mexico
          • United States of America
          • USA FPO / APO


          • Australia
          • Cook Islands
          • Fiji
          • French Polynesia
          • Kiribati
          • Nauru
          • New Caledonia
          • New Zealand
          • Niue
          • Norfolk Island
          • Papau New Guinea
          • Pitcairn Islands
          • Samoa
          • Solomon Islands
          • Timor-Leste
          • Tokelav
          • Tonga
          • Tuvalu
          • Vanuatu
          • Wallis & Futuna

          South America

          • Argentina
          • Bolivia
          • Brazil
          • Caribbean Netherlands
          • Chile
          • Colombia
          • Ecuador
          • Falkland Islands
          • French Guiana
          • Guyana
          • Paraguay
          • Peru
          • Suriname
          • Uruguay
          • Venezuela


          • French Southern Territories
          • Heard & McDonald Islands
          • South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands
            Restricted Territories

            For most items we are able to ship to the US, Canada.

            Items restricted  from shipment outside of the US will be labeled such on their product pages with US ONLY  near the top of the page

            If you're not in one of the countries listed above. We are very sorry we cannot ship to you.  This is due to a limitation in our licenses to sell goods in those countries.

            International Orders - Duty and VATS Fees

            Items sold on this site and shipped outside of the United States may be subject to VAT or sales tax.  Development Plus Inc does not calculate or collect these fees at time of checkout. 

            International orders may have additional fees applied to them by the receiving country’s (your country’s) customs agency.  Unfortunately, we have nothing to do with these fees and are not able to estimate fees or determine whether or not there will be any.  To learn more about your country’s customs fees and other import duties/taxes, we recommend contacting your country’s customs agency.  We are not responsible for these customs fees and cannot reimburse customers for any additional fee charged by your customs agency. 

            UK & EU Consumer Rights

            If you feel like there has been an issue with your order.  We implore you to contact Customer Service immediately. Please review your rights here . We will do our best to make all accommodations for you within the rights of the law.

            Shipping cost

            The final shipping cost is generally calculated by the weight of the item(s), the shipping address, and the chosen shipping method (economy, standard, expedited, standard international).  The final shipping costs are calculated at time of checkout.

            Shipping Discounts

            We occasionally offer discounted or free shipping options as part of sales promotions. If this shipping is chosen, we will ship your order using the Standard Shipping option. Sometimes these shipping options can be slow and may take longer than originally intended to be delivered.


            Most orders normally ship within 1-2 business days.  Some international orders may take up to 3 business days to process.  Orders are not processed after 12pm (MST) or on weekends.  Any orders placed during this time will be processed within the normal time frame.  If you place an order after 12:00pm MST with expedited shipping, your item will not ship until your order has been processed on the next business day.  Please allow up to 24 hours for online updates. 

            Address Formatting

            All address fields have a limit of 30 characters. 

            It is the sole responsibility of the customer to provide an accurate and properly formatted shipping address.  Every address is verified and if the provided address is invalid this will delay processing of your order or potentially your order never arriving at its intended destination.

            Address Accuracy and Address Changes

            It is the responsibility of the customer to verify that the shipping address provided at time of checkout is accurate and formatted correctly.

            It is the responsibility of the customer to notify us if their shipping address has changed. It is best if you do this as soon as possible.  We process most orders within a 48 hours and there is a very small window to get an address change request processed.

            Address change requests that happen BEFORE an order has shipped have the best chance of being successful. 

            Address change requests that happen AFTER an order has shipped have a very tiny window of time to be successful.

            If the order is able to be intercepted after being shipped there is a $20 fee charged to customer for the address change AND the difference in postage if one exist to reroute the package.  


            Apparel will ship either in a soft envelope or a box, depending on the number of items in the order.  For U.S. shipments, lithographs, screen print posters, and all other artwork are rolled and shipped in a sturdy poster tube.  Orders containing both apparel and artwork are shipped in multiple packages.  If a significant amount of time has passed and you don’t have a tracking number, please reach out to Customer Service

            Shipping Large Items

            Items such as large statues or collector's editions will come in their own shipping box.  These items may require a separate shipping cost and may be packaged separately than other items in your order. 

            Shipping Restrictions

            Please understand that only orders with final delivery made by USPS will deliver to a P.O. Box. No tracking is available for Standard International Orders.

            Cart Purchase Restrictions

            Some items may be flagged as CART PURCHASE RESTRICTION  and they will require you to have that item be the only item in your cart at checkout.   This is usually due to the size of the package being so large that to ship it with other items would be vastly expensive.  

            Having more than an item like this in your cart will prevent you from selecting a shipping option.  Once you've removed other items you should be able to select a shipping carrier as normal